What are the benefits of SIS membership?

SIS provides a comprehensive set of membership benefits tailored to your professional practice, including an individual policy of insurance underwritten by W. R. Berkley.

What happens if I need advice or have a problem?

For advice and assistance on any issue, call the dedicated advice line and speak directly to a SIS medico-legal adviser. The advisory service is available from 08.30 – 18.00 during the week and an out of hours service for emergencies on the same number. See Medico-legal Advice for further details.

What happens when I stop practising?

The policy includes 20 years run-off cover for all policyholders in the event of death or permanent retirement from practice. Any incident notified to SIS and accepted onto the policy during the run-off period will be covered by the policy, subject to the standard policy terms and conditions.

Will the directors have access to confidential information about me?

No. Information about individual members is kept confidential, with only aggregate data being included in regular reports to the Board of Directors. Only with express consent or in exceptional circumstances of overriding public interest would this information be disclosed to non-executive directors.

How secure is SIS?

Every member has a personal insurance policy, underwritten by W R Berkley. As a policyholder you have a contractual right to receive membership benefits, unlike many existing providers where the only right is to ask for assistance. W R Berkley enjoys a high level of financial security. See Brokers and Underwriters for further details.

The policy refers to Limits – what does this mean?

The Limit is the maximum amount that the policy will pay out for claims made in any one year. The SIS policy Limit is £10 million for any one claim and all the claims in any given policy year.

Will my independent sector hospital recognise SIS?

SIS meets all the stated requirements of independent hospitals.

Can I work abroad using this policy?

If you plan to carry out any work abroad please contact the SIS office before making any firm arrangements.

What does having a company limited by guarantee mean?

A company limited by guarantee is the corporate structure used primarily for non-profit organisations, which do not have a share capital or shareholders, but has members who act as guarantors and undertake to contribute a nominal amount (usually £1) in the event of the winding up of the company.

Could being a SIS member make me personally liable in any way?

Only to the level of the guarantee which is set at just £1